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Inventory keeps contracting as higher rates deter sellers: Redfin

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Fed holds rates steady, but opens the door for a rate cut in the. Markets had expected the central bank to keep. of inventory, according to the National Association of Realtors. Six months is.

This might sound like the start of a riddle but really, where did all the housing inventory go? In the latest piece of data we find that listed inventory is now at levels last seen in January of 2001. That is right, today we have the same number of homes listed for sale that we did 12 years ago.

"In the first half of the year, the housing market was able to keep its head above water, despite high prices and low inventory, because buyer demand was so strong," said Redfin chief.

Therefore the seller that does not renovate often nets more than the one who does (Zillow). All the seller would have to do is not do any renovating at all and net more than the $1000 spread. They’d have a higher likelihood of netting more than the $1000 difference by not spending the time or money in ANY renovation.

One of the largest issues in California is the high levels of NIMBYism.. more new construction, houses not selling as fast as last year and a. It will take some time but the interest rates have to keep going up. I browse Redfin in hopes I see a nice dream house in the 500k range but we are still way off.

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Don’t just take their word for it. There are plenty of websites that offer up free home price projections, including the usual suspects like Zillow and Redfin, along with state Realtor groups, NAR, and private companies like CoreLogic and First American. Pay attention to the news, but also keep an eye on comparable sales in your neighborhood.

Rates, historically, have been much higher. plans to expand, contract or maintain your business this year? Redfin will continue to grow and build our brokerage in 2015. I’m excited to continue.

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